Chocolate Chia Cake

A simple fuss free microwave chocolate cake recipe Continue reading Chocolate Chia Cake

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Date and Almond Sugar free Cake

I love cooking. I love eating. I love being fit I love eating! I relish a simple fare of daal chawal with equal gusto as fine continental food. I love eating boiled and saute veggies as much as I enjoy eating cakes and pastries. Whenever I travel, I make it a point to try the local cuisine of the region. And I have no reservations … Continue reading Date and Almond Sugar free Cake

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From being Healthy to being Healthier

I did and so can you!! Even though I am pretty health conscious now, I wasn’t like this some years ago. While in my teens, I would gobble up plates full of sinful food – anything with ghee, butter, cheese or sugar. And boy! I had an appetite! I was a pig for the way I ate! I remember my mum and aunt being worried … Continue reading From being Healthy to being Healthier