Review of Linen Soft Structured Carrier by LittleWings

If you have followed my motherhood journey so far, you would know how integral baby wearing is for me and my family! If not, well you can follow us on Instagram as @livingwiththechandras and on Facebook as @livingwiththechandras to know how indebted we are to baby wearing. You may also want to read up on my baby wearing journey here

So obviously, when we received a package from LittleWings, I was super elated. And why wouldn’t I be! They have the most fabulous and one-of-its-kind designs and fabric. Ever since their launch, I had been eyeing their wraps and ringslings and finally bought the ‘Autumn’ ringsling when they had an offer running last January

But before I go on to talk about what was inside the package, let me show you guys what the package looked like

Eco Friendly packaging!

Isn’t it pretty! I fell in love with the beautiful package the moment I set my eyes on it and as much as I wanted to tear it open, I didn’t want to too 😦 But you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do right!

We opened the package and found a pretty red-orange colored linen soft structured carrier (SSC) inside.  They call this one “Maple Orange” and very aptly so!

LittleWings was started by two babywearing mommy friends back in 2017. They are a boutique manufacturer of hand woven baby carriers and design and manufacture their wovens at a small charitable handloom centre. A large part of the proceeds from their orders is used as a sponsorship fee to educate the young aspiring weaver’s. They started out with wraps and ring slings and later introduced SSC’s and shawls as a part of their offerings. They also take customized orders for the SSC and ring slings subject to certain conditions. All products manufactured by them are tested for safety”

First Impressions

I loved, loved, loved the color and feel of the fabric. It is extremely light in weight – almost weightless!  This was a huge plus. Considering that I have a small frame and that my baby is over 10 kgs now and is still breast feeding, a carrier that didn’t add weight or bulk was like a dream come true.

Detailed Review

When buying a baby carrier, the two most important things to look for are

  1. Is the carrier ergonomic?
  2. Is the carrier tested for safety and follows industrial safety norms?

The LittleWings linen SSC gets a plus mark for both the questions stated above. It is an ergonomic baby carrier and has been tested for safety according to ASTM standards. This alone makes me positive about them.

We have been using the SSC for about 3 weeks now and are enjoying it thoroughly! The linen fabric is perfect for the sultry Mumbai weather and doesn’t make us too warm or sweaty. It is a single layer linen panel and hence is very airy.

The SSC is well stitched and the buckles are smooth to operate. The padding on the shoulder belts and waist is nice and thick and doesn’t dig into your skin even after prolonged wear.  I have worn the baby in front and back carry positions for more than 3 hours at a stretch and have been very comfortable.

The shoulder belts are adjustable from the front and back. The benefit of having adjustable straps is that it helps you to get a snug fit that’s comfortable for you. The panel length can also be adjusted to a small extent and helps to get a good fit for the baby. They also have a hood with strings attached to the front panel which serves as a great cover up when the baby is nursing or when the baby is sleeping and I am eating.

The carrier is compact enough to fit into your purse or a wetbag and you do not need an extra bag to carry it with you. Since the carrier weighs almost next to nothing, it doesn’t add extra weight on your body and is perfect for prolonged wear / usage.

Their customer service team deserves a special mention. They are always willing to help. The first time I communicated with them was when I was buying my ‘Autumn’ ringsling. They were super helpful and went out of the way to accommodate my request regarding the shipment.

babywearing, Baby wearing, baby carrier, baby wearing mom
Different Situations, Same Carrier!

What could be done better –

Will we humans ever be satisfied with what we get? Bring us the moon and we want the stars too! *sigh*

I would have really loved a waist pocket that was big enough to fit in my mobile and my house keys.  We go for walks in the mornings and evenings and I hate to carry an extra bag just to keep my phone and keys.

And maybe, just maybe, the seat could be made in a way that it could be adjusted for babies of different sizes and ages. Considering that SSC’s don’t come cheap, this feature would work very well for parents with a budget and wanting to invest in a single carrier.

Our Verdict

Given the fact that this carrier is ergonomic, safety tested, light weight, sturdy and comes in beautiful colours, it has all the features that should be present in a good baby carrier. At the current market price of Rs. 4165 (after discount), this linen SSC is surely a must buy item for all moms. If you are looking to invest in a baby carrier, this has to be the one!

Convinced yet? Head over to their website or their Facebook page to check out the various carriers they have or to get more information on their products.

P.S – This linen carrier has been sent to us for a review. This is an honest review post and has not been sponsored by the brand.


7 thoughts on “Review of Linen Soft Structured Carrier by LittleWings

  1. Baby carriers are really a blessing to us moms. I have used carriers for both my kids while travelling and found them to be extremely convenient. Your review will really be helpful to mothers contemplating baby wearing.


  2. Such a gorgeous colour. I’ve used linen carriers and love them for being light yet super sturdy. Little Wings has come a long way since their one year of existence. I do hope your review helps many more parents to try and use this product.


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