What FREEDOM means to me?

Freedom to me is to ‘not be bound’ by anything – tradition, culture, society, religion, habits, emotions, liking, inhibitions and so on. Freedom to me is a state of mind. A state that can be achieved by simply breaking away and getting out of our comfort zone. More often than not, we become slaves to things that bring us comfort in life. The key to being truly free is to REALIZE that one can be happy and content even without the existence of these things


A year and a half ago, I decided to free myself from one such THING – the television. Yes! I was addicted to the television. I would pretty much be hooked on to it every waking minute I was at home. The television was always switched on and was my constant companion. There were times when I would spend the entire weekend lying in front of the idiot box, watching one movie / show after another. The only times I got out of my comfortable position was to answer nature’s call

All my extra time was devoted to the television. I was watching shows / movies that I really had no interest in. I had become its slave. In hindsight, I guess I was using the TV as an escape mechanism and an excuse to be downright lazy. I was letting the TV rule my life!

It finally dawned on me that I was just wasting time, and that there were very many ways I could spend that time constructively than sitting in front of a TV set. I was frustrated and wanted to break free from this rut!

I was finally getting older and wiser I guess 🙂

Freedom is to not give in

Of course, it wasn’t easy. The path to freedom never is! When family and friends got to know about our decision to do away with the TV altogether, their reactions ranged from shock to admiration to sheer mockery

“How could you give up the TV after all? It was an integral part of our lives.”

“What would you do without the TV?”

‘”Wow! You guys are doing a great thing!”

“What! No TV in your house?? Oh! You probably don’t have the money for it!”

We got it all. But that didn’t deter us! We stood our ground. We knew what was best for us!


Freedom is to be able to do things you love

It has been a year and a half since we freed ourselves and I can clearly see the change it has made in our quality of life. Now, we do more of the things we love! The paint brushes that were long forgotten are being put to use. The long lost passion for reading has been revived. Conversations started flowing. We go out to parks and beaches and meet friends more often. We watch shows that we love and not necessarily what is being aired

Over the past year, I have seen myself grow. Now, there is a purpose in the things I do. I am constantly on the lookout for avenues that will help me evolve as a person I aspire to be. A small change in my life has changed the meaning of Freedom for me

Freedom is all about making a choice and living by it

This blog post is a part of #LetsDiscussFreedom Blogathon. I would like to thank Pradnya of mummyingainteasy.com for introducing me. I would now like to introduce Upasana from momandmaithili and recommend you to read her views on the same prompt ‘What does Freedom mean to you’




11 thoughts on “What FREEDOM means to me?

  1. Over dependence or indulgence on anything is harmful. I am glad that you were able to kick back the habit and are able to use your time for more productive things.


  2. That really great, you decided to free yourself from the idiot box. Overindulgence is always bad,I have seen so many families and friend waste their time sitting in front of television.


  3. This is superb! I have a TV at house but our timings to watch are limited and we lead by example to our kids. I totally agree that without the idiot box there is so much to do!


  4. You have my salute. The only thing that keeps me sane at the moment is the idiot box. Thankfully, there is no addiction. I always wondered how does someone kill time, but if you have the reason and the willpower there is nothing that can stop you.


  5. That’s a lovely read. Indeed freedom is to be conscious of your own needs and follow the path that gives you happiness. Any addiction tends to bound us and freedom is staying away from them.


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